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Yandex.Afisha and Yandex.Music

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It’s possible to place a display (banner) ad on both Yandex.Afisha and Yandex.Music services.

Yandex.Afisha — is a source of up-to-date and detailed information about cultural, entertainment, and sporting events around Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Yandex.Afisha contains general information about performances, concerts and exhibitions, as well as nightclub and sporting events. Critics' reviews help users choose which film or performance to see, while the detailed timetable allows users to select the exact time and location.

On Yandex.Music users can find and listen to songs and entire albums from both Russian and foreign artists. All the content on the service is legal and high quality. Yandex.Music lets users create their own playlists and recommend tracks to other users. It contains more than 15 million licensed recordings from a wide range of genres, all of which can be listened to absolutely free of charge.

Monthly audience

TNS Web Index, September 2015
Yandex.Afisha over 3,404,000 people
Yandex.Music over 6,293,000 people

Audience profile

People who use Yandex.Afisha are young and socially active, between 18-35 years of age. They are interested in the entertainment industry and are predisposed to using its products and services.

More than half of Yandex.Music users are young people between 18-34 years of age. They like entertainment and are interested in new technology. More than 70% of users have an average or higher than average income. This service would be most suited to the advertising of mobile services and handsets, cars, etc.

Ad format

Banner impressions are limited to three per day per unique user.

The ads are displayed dynamically. Each banner is displayed for a minimum of 5 minutes during one user visit.

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Size in pixels: 240×400
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+7 495 739-22-22 (Moscow)


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