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Auction on mobile versions of Yandex and YAN

Open beta testing

We are offering our advertisers media banners on mobile versions of Yandex services, Advertising Network partner websites, and mobile applications.

Impressions are sold on the basis of an auction (Real-Time Bidding) where the cost of an ad impression is determined through bidding between advertisers, rather than a fixed sum.

You can also configure your advertising campaigns for a specific audience. For example, you can:

  • select only users with matching characteristics such as age and gender

  • set up search retargeting — to serve ads only to users who enter in Yandex topical keywords related to the ad

  • display ads only to an audience with specific interests that are important for the advertiser

  • display ads only on mobile devices of a specific manufacturer with a specific operating system

You can also test the ad with narrow geotargeting, which is only shown to users who are close to where the advertiser is located.

To configure such an ad, you need to provide a link to the company's address in Yandex’s Business Directory and its GPS coordinates along with advertising materials. The radius of geographic targeting is determined by the advertiser, but the distance from the advertised company's address should be at least one kilometer and no more than five kilometers.

Format of advertising materials

Ads will be displayed in the following formats: 320×50, 320×100, 240×400, 400×240 and 728×90.

To ensure better ad quality, enlarged versions of your advertising materials are required (640×100, 640×200, 480×800, 800×480 and 1456×180) — Yandex will later convert them into the needed dimensions.

+1 617 398 7870 (United States)
+7 495 739-22-22 (Moscow)


Placement Cost

Auction on mobile versions of Yandex and YAN

Ad Specifications

Auction on mobile versions of Yandex and YAN