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Yandex.Afisha, Yandex.Music and KinoPoisk

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Joint placement of banner ads can be arranged for Yandex.Afisha, Yandex.Music and KinoPoisk. Ads will display in random order on all three services so that users will see them regardless of which service they use. This placement option is available as part of the "Lifestyle" Package.

Monthly audience

TNS Web Index, January 2016
Yandex.Afisha over 4,875,000 people
Yandex.Music over 7,408,000 people
KinoPoisk over 17,792,500 people

Audience profile

Yandex.Afisha’s audience is made up of socially active people between 18 and 35 years of age who are interested in entertainment and are active consumers of products and services.

Over half of Yandex.Music’s audience consists of modern young people aged 18 to 34 years old who like entertainment and are interested in new technologies. 70% of visitors have either average or above average income. Ads for mobile phone services, mobile devices, cars, etc., are relevant to this service.

KinoPoisk’s audience is made up of various social and age groups united by their interest in movies and television shows. Visitors can upload content to the service on their own by posting comments, reviews, or movie ratings.

Ad format


240×400 pixel banner

Flash banner
File format: swf
Maximum size: 60 kb
Size in pixels: 240×400
Dummy image
File format: gif, jpg
Maximum size: 60 kb
Size in pixels: 240×400

+1 617 398 7870 (United States)
+7 495 739-22-22 (Moscow)


Placement Cost

on Yandex.Afisha and Yandex.Music

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